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Industry Information

Hospitality NT offers its Members individual services to assist them to run compliant and productive businesses. Hospitality NT also provides members with a unified approach to industry-wide issues throughout the Northern Territory. 

Hospitality NT provides strong representation to all levels of Government, key stakeholders and the community on issues affecting the rights and interests of its members, including:

  • Making submissions to all levels of Governments to change, oppose or support legislation;
  • Regular meetings with Ministers and Government representatives to brief them on issues that impact upon industry;
  • Coordinating and attending meetings with Police and Licensing Inspectors, Health and other Government agencies;
  • Regular industry meetings with representatives from Licensing NT, the Department of Business and other stakeholders;
  • Making representations to the Northern Territory’s Director-General and other Government departments and agencies;
  • Monitoring social and community issues;
  • Providing forums for members to meet and discuss ideas and problems; and
  • Organising seminars on relevant and topical issues

Specific services for licensees:

  • interpretation of the Liquor Act;
  • submissions regarding changes to the Liquor Act;
  • advice to members regarding offences under the Liquor Act;
  • advice and representation at Licensing NT; and
  • advising licensees on responsibilities under the Liquor Act
  • advice and assistance with Liquor Commission matters.

Hospitality businesses are multifaceted businesses that are also heavily regulated. Hospitality NT has a wide range of resources and services available to Members, including:

  • comprehensive work health and safety manual, specifically tailored to hospitality businesses
  • workforce development and training assistance
  • migration and visa programs information; and
  • environmental health (e.g. food safety) information.