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Employment Relations

As a member of the AHA (NT), you benefit from your ability to contact us with general queries regarding a wide range of employment matters. In addition to your day to day human resource issues, the AHA (NT) can assist in matters involving representation or advice. 

The AHA (NT) provides members with:

  • Access to in house services which provide information on industrial relations matters and relevant award interpretations, including Free over the phone advice, templates and easy to read wage rate tables. 
  • Negotiations with unions regarding industrial disputes
  • Advocacy in the Industrial Relations Commission for unfair dismissals and award matters affecting the industry at both Territory and Federal level where appropriate.
  • Best Practice Employment Contract Templates, policys, fact sheets.   

Non Members of the AHA (NT) may still access Employment Relations advice and information, on a fee for service basis.

For any Employment Relations queries, please contact the AHA (NT) Office on (08) 8981 3650 or email: admin@ahant.com.au